Only 2 Months Left!

Hello 2012…Goodbye 2012.  What!?  Where has this year gone?  When I really stop and think about it, a LOT has happened this year but I guess the old saying stands true; time flies when you’re having fun ridiculously busy.  Don’t even talk to me about Christmas yet.

The Hubs and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary over the past weekend.  We were both out of town (separately) so the previous weekend the Hubs set up dinner reservations at the restaurant Five-Sixty which is at the top of Reunion Tower.  Reference the Dallas skyline pic below — it’s the tower with the ball of lights.  Five-Sixty is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant and the whole thing rotates, so within an hour you can see the entire Dallas area.  I had always wanted to go and it’s really one of those places you go for a special occasion, so we used our anni as a good reason.  The view was stellar!

We had reservations but still had to wait about 30 minutes, so we went to the cocktail area.  Since I’m not knocked up, we had some tasty adult beverages.  I had a drink, which I cannot remember the name of, that was delish!  It had pear juice and ginger and rum and it was amazing and it was spicy!  A strange, back of the throat tingle that you don’t normally get in a drink.  I loved it.  Once we were seated, we were starving so we ordered a Dragon Roll from the sushi chef. After that I wish we had just ordered a few more sushi items instead of trying the entree menu.  The roll had shrimp, asparagus and BBQ eel and was delectable.  For dinner I tried the General Tao’s quail and The Hubs ordered the halibut.  I really went out of my comfort zone with the wild game but it was…good.  I think it should have had more of a kick since General Tao’s is usually a bit spicy so I was slightly bored with it.  The halibut had a few Thia shrimp that were really good and the spicy pineapple sauce that surrounded the hailbut was a nice compliment to a mild fish.  Overall, I wasn’t that impressed but I might have thought differently if we stuck to the sushi menu.

After mentioning how fast 2012 has gone I have to stop and realize that the past six years of being Mrs. J. L. Allen has really been amazing.  I seem to love the Hubs more each year, which I didn’t think was possible.  I always wonder how/why people end up divorced and I know there are a million different reasons but I seriously feel I found my exact match.  He loves me fiercely and I’m hard to love.  He will never give up on us and when we fight he’s almost always the first to apologize knowing how stupid stubborn I am.  He’s romantic, although not as much as he used to be, but more than most men.  Friends and family sigh at the small things he does for me.  Six years is a long time in my short life and I don’t even hesitate to imagine how much better it will get with him by my side. 

Hopefully one day soon, we’ll add a little Allen in the mix of our perfect-for-us marriage and it’ll be a perfect-for-us family. I saw Dr. Le with Advance Reproductive Care Center again on Tuesday.  There was a delay because, as I mentioned before, I just want to do the laproscopy surgery before we do an IUI.  We talked about it and he agreed since we’ve been trying for so long.  He said that my AMH (egg level before you run out) is awesome. Normal is >1.  Guess what Lindsey is….2.7!  He asked where I was in my cycle and decided to take a look at my follicles again.  He said everything was beautiful, the lining looked perfectly ideal, the follicle was at 24 cm (ideal is >18cm).  He did mention that since it was day 16 of my cycle that most people’s follicle would have burst by this point. He went ahead and gave me an Rx for Ovidrel again and I gave myself the shot on Tuesday.  Friday I start the progesterone again and on the 13th, I’ll try another pregnancy test.  I do not have my hopes up.  I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with timing, I think there is something else wrong. 

If it’s negative on the 13th, I wait for my period to start, schedule an appointment for pre-op and surgery is the next step. Dr. Le said he thinks I hold the key and he would like to take a look at the inside workings too. Fingers crossed, prayers needed.

What do ya think?

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