Is It Good News or Bad News?

So we had our appointment at Advanced Reproductive Care Center on Sept 25th and guess what we heard…5 years is entirely too long to be trying to have a baby.

We saw Dr. Le and the consultation went well.  He explained what he thought out next steps should be, it went something like this:

1. Try a different drug (besides Clomid) called Femara.
2. Try the HCG hormone injection, Ovedril, again.
3. Try IUI’s before considering IVF. 

He also agrees that we should strongly consider surgery to look for endometriosis after 1 to 2 IUI tries (insurance covers a % of this…yay).  After that, if anything is found in surgery, continue trying another 1 or 2 rounds of IUIs and if we are still unsuccessful, consider IVF (<– insurance doesn't cover and would run us about $6,000). 

Also, because of where I was in my cycle on that Tuesday, he wanted to take a look at all the ‘lady goods’ and see what everything looks like.  He said that my cervix is tilted slightly, which could possibly be caused by endometriosis pulling it to the left.  He also sent me for an AMH blood work test to make sure I still have a good level of eggs.

When he took a look see, he said I had some good looking follicles (which burst the egg) and prescribed the HSG hormone shot ($90 a pop) and I went in for another ultra sound and the shot on that following Saturday.  Then some baby making over that weekend (Sun-Tues) and cross our fingers for two weeks. 
I’m happy with Dr. Le because he took the time to really talk to us, draw diagrams and showed us pictures, annnnnd he said 5 years is too long to be trying.  Which is good because that means he won’t and slow down the process.  We are ready to try everything ASAP. 

Wellllll that two week waiting period is up in two days.  I don’t feel pregnant.  I don’t feel any different at all.  Of course I ‘m looking for any type of symptom; sensitivity, fatigue, sore boobs…anything.  With that said, I don’t have my hopes up.  Normaal intercourse hasn’t worked over the past years, I doubt because we were able to narrow down the right timeframe, that it worked.  I mean seriously, over the past FIVE years I can guarantee that we’ve hit the ovulation timeframe before.  So we’ll be moving on to an IUI for the next cycle and if that doesn’t work…surgery it is.  Either way, prayers would be awesome.

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