Not as Young As I Used to Be

This past weekend was one of my last un-married friend’s bachelorette party.  The festivities were to be pretty low key and I was looking forward to the fun.  The agenda was laid out that we would hang around at the pool for a few hours, have a few drinks and lunch.  From there, head over to the hotel to get ready and then sushi for dinner.  Afterwards for the evening activity we were schedule to attend a real live drag queen show!

I arrived to help set up for the pool and we opened a bottle of champagne for some mimosas.  The rest of the guests arrived and the rain did too.  We were huddled under the little umbrella while it down poured and when it started to lighten up I said screw it, let get in the water…hello, we’re in our swim suits.  Somewhere in there sun came out and in the mix of things quite a few mimosas went into my glass and not enough food and I ended up intoxicated.  Like, drunk.  Not a pretty scene, especially when the sun is still out.

I made it to the hotel to get ready to go to dinner and based on a few pics, I hated my outfit.  Somehow all 12 girls ended piling into a limo (that we didn’t reserve) to be dropped off at dinner.  That is where my evening ENDED.  I started to feel very dizzy and called the husband to come pick me up.  How lame is that?!?  This was probably my last bachelorette party and I missed all the fun stuff! 

I stayed away from all the hard liquor to prevent pretty much exactly what happened.  I stopped paying attention to the drinks that were being made for me and boom, I was done.  Definitely not as young as I used to be and I was quite embarassed as well!

I missed the party, I’m missing the wedding (it’s in CA and we have another wedding in WI two weeks prior) so I need to at least wish a happy wedding day to Autumn and Sam!

What do ya think?

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