Book(s) Review

I love to read. Novels.  I started to really recognizing the uniqueness of authors and what I liked in books waaay back in junior high with R.L. Stein (remember him? Does he still write?).  I kept reading whenever I had free time (not much through high school and college) or anytime I remembered to pick up the recent craze that hit the book shelves. Now that I’m all grown up but with no kids, I seem to have a bit more free time…that I should be filling with getting my master’s degree but that’s a different blog day.

Last year, my brother gave me his Kindle.  I held my stance against Kindles for such a long time because I liked holding my book, book marks and my library but once I transitioned, there is no going back.  Thousands of books at my fingertips and it takes ONE second to download them from anywhere with wifi.  No more forgetting to pick up the recent best seller.  Or now I won’t forget the recommendation from my mom’s, friend’s, daughter on “the book that changed their life”.  Or when you finish your book in the airport and now have nothing else to do…don’t have that problem!  It’s like crack.  My bank statement has about a million transactions from the Amazon Kindle store. I highly urge you go buy one now.  I’ll wait.

Anyways, I’m completely absorbed in a book series at the moment.  How I am so behind in learning about them, I do not know.  It’s the Southern Vampire Mysteries: Sookie Stackhouse. 

Let me start by saying, I boycotted the Twilight bologna because, well it seemed childish and stupid. Although note, I’m not above sy-fi, romance, comical, far fetched fairy tail-ish novels but Twilight just didn’t interest me. At. All.  I watched the first movie when it was on TV once and couldn’t even sit through the whole thing.  I probably doesn’t help that I think Kristen Stewart is the worst actress and ludicrously over paid (and a big fat cheater).  I digress. 

I started the books from the first one about a three weeks ago and now into book nine. Supposedly the next few novels, according to reviews on Amazon, have decreased in it’s ratings but I’m still completely sucked in and will spend the dinero to find out how the series ends.  I think there are thirteen in all.  I don’t want to go into too much detail but it’s based on a late-twenties-something barmaid that has telepathic abilities.  It gets weirder from there but it’s comical and suspenseful enough that it draws you right in pretty quickly. I highly enjoy the author’s ability to paint the scene/feelings/characters without going crazy overboard.  I haven’t gotten bored once and when I finish one, I’m ready to download the next one.

This is also the book series that the HBO show True Blood is (very) loosely based on.  Unfortunately, because I’ve read the books, I’m too curious of the route the show is going to not watch it.  The Hubs has been dragged to Blockbuster plenty of times to help me get caught up on the past seasons. 

Disclaimer: True Blood is cheesy as all get out and at times, I’m beyond irritated at how far off from the books it gets but alas, I’m stuck. The lead actress who plays Sookie, Anna Paquin, is far from good and Bill isn’t nearly hot enough and lastly, it’s not a kid friendly show.  At. All.

BUT read the books. They are fun and easy reads and I think you’ll enjoy them.  Annnnd because I said so.

What do ya think?

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