2012 Half Over?

Wowza.  I swear the years keep speeding up. This year I will have been married to the Hubs for SIX years.  Sometimes it feels like yesterday that we were finishing up college, meeting for the first time and me trying to beat him off with a stick.  Not really but the Hubs was aggressive and relentless in his hunt pursuit of yours truly.  Obviously, he was successful and I love him more each day, month, year.

The boat has been so much fun so far.  Everything is taking a backseat on the weekends so we can soak up the sun and hit the lake.  Everything, as in…house work, lawn work, etc.  But as the Hubs says “we can do all that stuff after the summer is over”.  Hopefully the neighbors don’t mind 🙂

There are so many lakes in the North Texas area.  We’ve “conquered” Grapevine Lake, Lake Lewisville, Lake Ray Hubbard and Joe Pool Lake thus far. 

Grapevine is the closest to us and we found a cool area that has a sandbar and everyone backs their boats in, throws and anchor and it’s shallow enough to stand. 

Lake Lewisville is famous for it’s huge party cove area and we’ve tied up there on numerous occasions. This lake is known as the deadliest lake in Texas because of it’s size, the amount of boaters/jet ski-ers, and the stupidity of many.

Ray Hubbard is close to many of the Hubs’ cousins which is convenient and it’s developing it’s own little party area. It’s a nice size but there are a lot of trees, I think that the lake smells funny and it’s a solid 45-50 minute drive from our house. 

Joe Pool Lake is in south Grand Prairie which is only about 20 minute drive but it’s sort of small and there were so many jet skis (which make me nervous) and that makes the ability to just cruise around difficult.  Maybe it was just that day but I won’t say it’s on the top of my list…

Still to come is Possum Kingdom – it’s a 2.5 hour drive in West Texas but it’s supposed to be breathtaking.  It’ll be worth a camp trip out there.  We also would like to check out Broken Bow Lake in OK and Lake Ray Roberts.  We also have a “playmate” in that the Hubs coworker has a nice pontoon boat, so we get to meet up with them and grill, swim and have fun.  All around, we really love having a boat.  People that say it’s just a money pit are absolutely right…if you never use it.  Otherwise the fun is worth every penny.

Well what have you been up to this summer?

What do ya think?

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