Up Root

So my whole audience demographic is about to change.  Aaaaaahahahaha that is so funny to me because I don’t have more than 2 followers…and since I’ve sucked at blogging lately, I bet they’re barely following along anyways.

Anyhow, since the big move is happening my reviews of restaurants will move to the DFW area.  I’ll be honest, I’m pretty excited about getting back up there.  I’m not excited about the stress that finding a rental home (that isn’t ghetto) in an area that we like, is starting to do to me.  I’m supposed to start the Mucinex for my next two cycles and then we are to go in and see Dr. Pilkington again on May 8th.  I’m going to push that back because 1. I’m moving in the middle of all this and the hubs and I will be in two different cities which would be mean traveling to San Antonio (which isn’t one of the two cities we will reside in) will be too much.  2. If we are in two different cities how are we supposed to make a baby?  So with that revelation in mind, I need to call and reschedule for late June. 

Plus high stress does not equal ideal baby making Lindsey.  I’m a worry wort and a control freak and an obessive compulsive type person and a relocation multiplies all of my complexes quirks.

I don’t want to rush into surgery when we could possibly be patient and the Mucinex could work.  Wishful thinking?  Remaining positive is all I’ve got.

And the count down continues – NINE days until we hit the sunny shores of Playa Del Carmen!

Only scary thing is when we get back I still have to turn 30….ugh.

What do ya think?

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