Journey Moment

So as I’m about to write this post I, again, look at the title of my blog…this really is a journey, for real.  How many people do you know that make a move, this big, twice in just under a year?  There is so much going on and my control freak personality is starting to get a little twitch-y. 

First, the wedding was a total blast in Dallas this weekend.  The bride looked beautiful and she never stopped smiling.  The ceremony was held as the sun was setting over White Rock Lake.

Picture courtesy of P31eleven Photography

The photographer was my favorite that I met at another friend’s wedding last year – P31 Eleven Photography – she’s totally amazing…now if I could just get pregnant so she could do alllllll my photos! 

The bride herself did the flowers and they were so classy and elegant and I wonder where she found time to do it!

Picture courtesy of P31eleven Photography

We enjoyed a very elegant lake house style wedding with old friends (this is a college bestie), great food, wine and tons of dancing.  So much fun.

The rest of the weekend was spent looking at where we want to live.  We analyzed the drive radius and established that somewhere central is a MUST.  You think that is obvious but I love Dallas, and everything that is surrounding Dallas and north of Dtown.  Ft. Worth isn’t exactly surrounding…or North.  Funky town has it’s own fun to offer but I’d prefer to be closer to Dallas.  That is posing the problem since my office is in Ft Worth.  I’m looking at a 30+ mile commute.  Let’s compare – currently I commute 11 miles.  I spend maybe 15-20 minutes in the car/traffic and I like it that way.  When we first moved to Houston I was staying in Katy with family and it was a 28 mile commute and it took an hour plus to get to work and I hated despised it. 

We established that we L-O-V-E the Bishop Arts District and the Kessler Park area but there aren’t many houses for rent and the ones that are available are waaaay out of our price range.  Moving on.  We found a few rental homes online in the Irving area which is about a 24 mile commute (better) and still pretty close to Dallas.  I’ve reached out to the realtor to see about availability. Hopefully it’s a good bet.

Add finding a place to live, in a city 300+ miles away, onto our normal crazy work schedule, the fact that we need to provide a few quotes to Josh’s company for relocation assistance, Easter events, a trip to Mexico, and my actual birthday and you can see why I am starting to twitch.  Ahhhhhhhh.  My saving grace are my awesome friends who are going to let me crash on their couch starting April 30th until we find a house.

Lastly – this is the month I’m supposed to start Mucinex and the Dr. Pilkington wants me to come for an exam (in San Antonio) prior to my follow up appointment in May (which I’m pretty sure I need to reschedule).  Eeeeek.  Pretty sure stress isn’t conducive to pregnancy either.  😦

What do ya think?

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