I’m Alive.

Not that I have many followers but I am alive.  I’m not a good blogger because a good blogger wouldn’t take a month off without notice.  Lame.  Whatevs.

Let start with some good new.  No, not pregnant. But A LOT has happened in this last month.  The Allens are moving.  Yep.  To Dallas/Ft Worth.  So even though we just got here we are picking up and relocating….again.  There are soooo many pro’s but a few cons to, let’s review.

Let’s start with the good news:
1. I L.O.V.E. Dallas.  You probably remember my post where we went to visit friends and I gushed about the city.  So I’m very glad to be going back.
2. All my besties with the exception of a few, live in Dallas.  They are beyond excited too. 
3. All of the hubs besties (not that he refers to them as that) live in the area too
4. All of the Allens (inlaws) live in the area.  Lots of cousins and family (this is a pro and con)
5. Seasons.  For Texas.

1. Leaving my family in Houston
2. My office will actually be in Ft. Worth and I would prefer to live in Dallas but it would be a 30+ mile commute that I don’t think I’m willing to do.
3. Breaking our lease – this is making me nervous.  I’m not sure what our landlord is going to do as a penalty.

Either way I’m pretty pumped.  I accepted an HR manager job with my same company so it’s a wonderful transfer.  The hubs company is moving him as well so it should be a pretty smooth transition. 

We are actually headed up to Dallas for a wedding this weekend.  One of my good friends, Leslie, is marrying her sweetie, Jessie, in an indoor/outdoor ceremony near White Rock Lake.

Winfrey Point

Hopefully the weather will hold out and everything will be beautiful.  I love weddings!

Additionally the trip will be an opportunity to start looking for a new place to live!  Ahhhhhh.  My new job starts on April 30th.  Everything will be happening quickly!!

In the fertility subject we went to see Dr. Pilkington in San Antonio and he went through my chart with me.  He recommended that I start Mucinex to try and increase my mucus (mine is very sporadic and we’ll try that for the next two months.  He also told us that even though I don’t have any of the obvious symptoms of endometriosis like painful periods or cramps, one of the symptoms is infertility and, well, we all know I have that symptom.  Surgery is possible.  Eek.  It was nice to hear something though, maybe a reason instead of “unknown”.

On the birthday front I’m struggling still.  We have a wonderful vacation planned (another one)!!  We are going with another couple to their condo in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  I’m pumped!  We went to Puerto Vallarta for Josh’s 30th and it was an amazing and very memorable trip. It’s even more surreal since we were able to swring it only 2 months after our ski vacation, it is such a blessing and I’ve been counting down (22 days!!!). 🙂

Anything new going on in your life?  Have you ever relocated away from your family or friends? Any vacations planned? 

What do ya think?

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