I’m here

I haven’t posted in, like, for-eva.  Whoops.  Here is a summary of what has been occupying my time.  I’d like to include pictures but…I haven’t had time to download them!

-Martinez/Hinkley wedding
It was totally a Cinderella event.  I was so happy for Natalie and completely in awe of the reception.  The 43rd floor of the Exxon/Mobile building in downtown Houston.  Ridiculous views of the city, the food was stellar, and the company was nostalgic.  Natalie is my oldest friend and therefore I saw friends and acquaintances that go back to the age of little girl scouts, high school buddies, all the way up to college friends I haven’t seen in ages. The Robinson’s came in for the wedding as well and it was great to finally meet their youngest son, since he’s two and I’ve never met him…not winning any friend awards over here.  Totally love ’em but man, it amplifys that feeling in my gut that I really really really really really want my own kiddos. 

-Ski trip
Super, super, super awesome – AND I didn’t break any bones!  I would call that a success, wouldn’t you?  I did not want to spend $100 and half of my day in lessons sooooo, I decided to wing it.  Pretty much every person we came across recommend the lessons but I’m stubborn so the hubs taught me.  I was very impressed because he was completely patient with me (which is hard to do) and I with him (which is even harder to do).  We skied for two days and it was so fun.  I was sore (mostly from picking myself up) bu nothing I couldn’t handle.  The condo was awesome, the friends were great fun and the view was spectacular.  We’ve already decided to do it again next year!  Again, pics would be nice….

While we were sitting in the hot tub one night we learned that another couple in the group, is pregnant.  She was actually pregnant with twins but lost them and is actually pregnant again.  It got so quiet and awkward because NO ONE likes to tell us their good news.  I understand them because I can guarantee that my face betrays my attempt to appear happy for them.  Doesn’t that suck?  I try to actually be happy and usually once they’ve had the baby, I am happy, but initially I’m just. Plain. Jealous.  I’m a horrible person.  So that brings me to…..

We saw our Creighton Model practitioner on Thursday last week and now that we’ve got about 3 full cycles tracked she’s recommending us to a physician in San Antonio.  Only certain physicians participate and the best/closest to Houston is Dr. Pilkington in SA.  She’s also recommended, what is referred to as, a protocol to increase my limited mucus (I still hate that word).  I am beginning to take 500 mg of B6.  Interesting as it is, it’s only a vitamin and it’s better than subjecting my body to a bunch of chemicals, right?

I’ll let you know what the good doctor says….?

What do ya think?

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