Remain Calm

Since this is the world wide web and pretty much anyone could be viewing this blog, let me explain something.  I am a control. freak.  Ask the hubs.  I drive him nuts because I cannot just go with the flow.  My mind never stops going and I feel as though if you’re not doing exactly as I’m thinking, I have a dire need to tell you that your doing it wrong not the way I’d like it to be completed.  This goes for driving (especially), cooking, cleaning, yard work, pretty much anything that I’m doing with you that I have any sort of knowledge.  I have no ill intentions but like I said, I feel as though it has to be done the way I’m thinking it should be done. Gosh, just read my mind and do it right the first time! I’m getting worse the older I get too. 

So that brings me to my reasons to Remain Calm:

First – I am sooooooo excited for our vacation this week. 
Second – travel multiplies my anxiety because I cannot control predict every little thing. I.e. flight schedules, security lines, traffic, etc.  Then my lovely hubs tells me he has a lunch meeting on Wednesday and I’m afraid that he won’t be to the airport on time and then miss our flight.  Want to make a wager?  This has added to my stress. 
Third – and last – packing.  I’ve mentioned that I’ve never been skiing and I want to be sure I pack everything I need.  Sounds like time to make a list!  Very OCD of me. 


Luckily for me, the web has check lists for EVERYTHING, so I’ll print one of those suckers off and start building a list.  Wish me luck!  The weather is looking beautiful in Park City this week and hopefully it will stay that way. 

Lastly, the Martinez-Hinkley wedding was smashing.  The bride look gorgeous, the venue was ah-mazing, food was great and the friends were the best!   Good time all around.

Fertility update – started a new cycle on Friday and I’m thinking of taking Clomid again this time around….better make up my mind because tomorrow is day five.

What do ya think?

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