D-Town Bound!

We are headed up to the Big D this weekend!  I love Dallas.  I miss Dallas.  I would move back in a heartbeat (as long as there are jobs and relocation assistance that is…)

The hubs argues that Dallas’s skyline is better than Houston’s

We are going to leave work a smidgen early and I think I’ve figured out how to get on the I-45 N bound HOV lane (this has escaped me for the last 7 months) and then we won’t waste too much time sitting in traffic.  I attended college at UNT and there was a trip once that took us SEVEN hours.  At that time, I swore I would never drive from Dallas to Houston, or visa versa, ever again.  It was an empty threat but I believed it at the time.  I’m praying that doesn’t happen this time or ever again.

Speaking of Houston and Dallas; I’ve heard on several occasions, via locals and radio morning shows, there is a rivalry between the two metroplexes.  When I grew up in Katy I don’t remember hearing anything at all but since moving back 11+ years later, I’ve heard this rumor several times.  When I lived in Dallas I didn’t know the aforementioned rivalry existed either.  What’s up Houstonites?  Wheres the love for D-town?  The rumor entails Dallas population thinks they are better than and/or snobby towards the entirty of Houston and it’s residents.  I think it’s dumb.

Any how, we are going there to surprise one of my besties for her birthday.  I haven’t seen her in almost 6 months and I am happy to be able to celebrate her 30th birthday with dinner and drinks.  We’ve settled on a place in Lower Greenville called Terilli’s for dinner and then we’ll wing it from there.  Lower Greenville is comparable to…maybe Washington Ave area?  A few outer city blocks, dense area of restaurants and bars and hopefully, once we find that elusive parking spot, we will walk to the next destination(s).  Any recommendations?  Wish me luck on the road trip!

What do ya think?

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