Where All My Blogger At?

So in my hasty search for a great place to take one of my besties for her 30th’s birthday (gasp) this weekend, I came across a website that had Dallas restaurants/bars reviewed by 5 different foodies.  There was Dallas Foodie, Susie Drinks Dallas, The Dallas Socials, and Foodbitch.  I cannot claim to be followers to any of these sites because, well I’m in Houston and no longer in D-town, but I’m rambling, that’s not even my point…where are all the Houston Foodies/Bloggers at?  (I’m having a very hard time ending my sentence in a preposition but since I’m going for the whole where’s-my-boys-at assimilation, I digress).

I mean, since starting my blog I’ve reviewed a few restaurants/hot spots in Houston and I hope to continue and maybe one day, someone will soak up my advice/opinions but in the mean time, it would be nice to  follow another foodie.  I often look to the Houston Press site for info around town but that’s pretty much a magazine…I need a someone I can relate to better.  Maybe I’m just being needy?

Any recommendations?  If I manage to stumble across a blog or three I will most definitely share.  In the mean time, I will continue to provide my riveting reviews of my own! 🙂

What do ya think?

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