Ski Gear

A lot of my friends have turned 30 and the other half are joining me this year in the beginning of the next decade of our lives.  I have lots of friends that are older/younger but since high school and college friends are the major bulk of my buddies, we are close in age.  Anyways, since it is a birthday, there is usually celebrating (even though I feel I should mourn) happening.  Well to celebrate with a few of the hubs friends, we are going on a ski trip! The hubs and I planned to go to the beach (as a repeat to his 30th) again but we were invited to Park City with two other couple’s that are Josh’s college buddies and their wives.   I’ve never been skiing and I am stoked! 

We are staying in a condo and it’s practically ski in/out (which is supposed to be ideal), just take a look a this cute little place!  
cute huh?!

For a more pictures go here.  This weekend we went shopping for our ski gear.  It’s very important that I am very warm when we go because I’m a weenie for cold weather….I’m cold when the temperature dips below 70 degrees and since it’s impossible to ski without snow, I’ve got to bundle up!  So our first shopping stop was Sun Ski and Sports and it was waaaay above our budget. Think $250-$600 for ski apparel!  Luckily, Academy had seasonal ski stuff and it was even 30% off!

I’ll be stylish in this number

I got pink ski pants to go with the jacket and we picked up some sweat wicking under wear and gloves.  The hubs is going to go back to Sun Ski and Sports to purchase goggles, hand warm pockets and then all we need is some thick wool socks (which is totally a Walmart special) and we’re good to go!  It’s so exciting that maybe I’ll forget my 30th birthday is approaching faster and faster.

On the pregnancy (or lack of) forefront, we decided to not do the Clomid/Ovidrel combo this month and see what happens with a diagnosis from our Creighton Model practitioner…we meet with her in the second week of February.

And in sports (since I decided this has become an update post) the Texans lost yesterday.  It was a sad day because it just wasn’t T.J. Yates best game.  The Giants won over Green Bay (boooooooo) and the Patriots and 49’s progressed as well…told you I’m a fanatic.  We watched the game at a place called Brixx in the Washington Corridor area and it was great.  An open air place, with lots of TVs to watch the game, and since the weather was abnormally warm for a January day, it was truly enjoyable.  We had a pizza (1/2 margarita 1/2 pinapple) that was better than average bar food and the beer was cold.  Happy hours on Sunday are noon to 7:00 pm and the service was on spot.  We look forward to going back for beautiful spring days.

That about sums up my latest adventure of shopping for ski gear and my review of a Houston hot spot 🙂

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