Football Fanatic

Helloooo, spent a week super busy at work and therefore the ‘ol blog was left unattended.  Anyways, I’m back in action.

Speaking of action, let’s talk about this weekend which leads me to discuss my love for sports, which is intense.  I am passionate about all things competitive and football, well football is the best.  I also enjoy basketball and baseball but football is the best.

First and foremost, I am a dedicated Cowboys fan.  Period.

Since the Boys are no longer in the game/playoffs, I will then support any Texas team above anyone else.  Therefore I spent Saturday cheering on the Houston Texans.  My brothers are pretty hard core.  Well my elder brother is ridic, as in he has a tattoo of the Texans emblem on his calf.  Dumb? Yes. Passionate?  Maybe a touch too much, but definitely 🙂

And since the final score was 31-10 against the Bengals, Saturday was a great day.  Lots of laughter and celebration and probably too much beer.  To back up an evening we also took my nephew to his first hockey game.  More sports action and it was F.U.N!

Sunday was spent relaxing on the couch and reading.  I got a Kindle last year and I think I’ve read more books in the last year than I have ever.  I finished two books in one week, 75% of one was read this past Sunday.  I would highly recommend a Kindle but it makes is so easy to buy the books.  That is my biggest barricade to reading is 1. remembering the book recommendation 2. going to the store to purchase it.  With the Kindle I don’t have to, I just jump on Amazon wireless and download that sucker.  It rocks.

Lastly, my younger brother turns 26 today and my older brother turns 34.  This is another solidifying fact to my upcoming doom because we are all 4 years apart.  :o)

What do ya think?

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