2012…Here We Go!

OMG. OMG. OMG.  What the hell happened to last year?  It FLEW by in a flash.  From what I understand, as you get older it seems to get faster.  Why is that?  It makes me want to panic.  Speaking of panicking…I have 116 days until the “big” day is here.  116 days to still be a 20-something.  It really feels like the end of an era. 

Duh, life is not over.  Just my 20’s.  And that means something.  I went to college, met the hubs, married him, relocated San Antonio, bought my first house, relocated to Houston and so much more while in my 20’s.  And now they are over.  Wow, dramatic much?

Well to ring in this dreaded year of 2012 where I leave my 20’s we had a pretty good time.  We went to Austin, Texas to hang with some friends-of-the-hubs from work.  We started at Cover 3 which is a nice restaurant that one of the friends knows the owners.  The food was good, I wouldn’t say stellar and as for the cost, I thought it was a bit too high.  We started with the Trio app (guac, white queso, salsa) which was good, but nothing to write home about.  I ordered the fish tacos and I like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to fish tacos.  Since I’m not much of a meat eater, I order fish often and therefore I’m a self proclaimed connoisseur.  These were okay.  The fish was flavorful but the slaw piled high on top was lacking and it was on flour tortillas when everyone knows they should be on corn.  The rice pilaf that was served as my side was bland, at best.  I doused it in lime just to add flavor.  The hubs ordered a salmon and his side was a Cesar salad, which he generously shared with me and it was very good.  Creamy with just enough dressing (not too soggy) and little baguettes that were the “croutons”.  Josh said his fish was okay but not amazing.  And for the price of around $20-25 a plate, it should have been nothing less than super yum. 

I would recommend the Carrie’s Cosmo – black cherry vodka, orange liquor and a splash of cranberry and it almost validated the $9.25 a piece that came with it.  The atmosphere was pretty swanky but with a sports bar influence…TVs everywhere and plenty of games broadcasting.  I would probably go back for happy hour but that’s about it.  From Cover 3 we headed to Red’s Porch on S. Lamar.  This place was a really Austin (which means = different, hip, funky).  Downstairs was indoor with darts and shuffle board, upstairs was a open bar with fab Austin views.  Downside – the cold front blew in (cold for TX) and we were freezing.  We relocated downstairs for a few rowdy games of darts and bought a bottle of champagne minutes before 12:00 hit.  We cheers-ed, kissed and laughed.  Then we headed home.

So that’s my review of our NYE in our capital city.  Good times all around and even though I’m not happy that I’m leaving my 20’s behind this year, I’ll say it again, I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life and if I have to exit my 20’s, I would want to be where I am in my life…so I guess it’s good timing.

What do ya think?

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