Blogging Update

Blogging is fun.  Even though no really one reads my blog.  The stats prove it.  Maybe 1-3 people a day somehow find this little ditty and peruse it, but for the most part, it’s pretty quiet around these parts.

BUT there are blogs like YoungHouseLove, 36th Avenue, and Homesick Texan (love all three) that thousands or even millions of people read.  How did that happen?  These are all regular peeps that hit the jackpot.  I would say there are several levels of bloggers, the aforementioned are obviously the good ones, but still, it’s pretty amazing that someone started a little outlet to share home upgrades, crafts or recipes and now they are living the life.  So cool!

I have no intent of making blogging a full time job but I wonder if they all thought the same thing.  I haven’t even shared my site with friends and family yet because I’m still considering if it’s an outlet for me to vent or if others want to share in my “journey”.  I imagine if I ever do get pregnant that I’ll invite others to read so that anyone that cares wants too, can keep up with me and my craziness…

So here’s an update on Lindsey’s Journey:

Christmas shopping is almost done.  I’ve still got to get the hubs a few more items.  He’s very excited about all the things he bought for me and made the statement “this is going to be your best Christmas ever” which has put the pressure on me to do the same…eek!

Still using the progesterone gel and will continue until next week.  Based on the doctor’s orders I can take a pregnancy test on Friday (3 days from now) and give them a call to say whether it’s positive or not.  Let me take you through this….this girl does NOT get her hopes up.  I continually tell myself, “Its going to be negative, it always is…”  Then comes the 5 minute time frame for testing.  Pee on the stick.  Wait.  Even though I say I don’t get my hopes up, in that short 2-5 minutes that I’m waiting to see a double line or a plus sign or whatever is supposed to say pregnant, my hopes sky rocket.  I start thinking about how amazing it will be if it says “it’s finally your time”…then I read it.  It’s ALWAYS negative.  Then I’m sad and more mad at myself for EVER thinking it could be positive.  I kinda want to cry just thinking about how it’s going to go on Friday.  I wouldn’t say I’m like most.  I don’t take the tests anymore.  My period always shows up, late or not, and I’d rather not go through the above disappointment heart break situation.  But this Friday, I’ll be tormenting myself because the doctor’s office wants me to call and let them know.

Wishful thinking…

On a more positive note, we’ve booked a ski trip in February.  I would say 50% of my friends have hit the big 3-0 but there is a group of us babies born in 1982 that hit it this year.  Well a couple of us are hitting the slopes.  Woohoo!  I have never skied before so what better time then to celebrate big? 

Hopefully I don’t end up like this…

I also want to hit the beach on my actual birthday in April.  We’ll see about that, I’m not exactly made of money plus, the off chance the test is positive…

How about you – done Christmas shopping?  Any spring trips planned yet?

What do ya think?

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