Thirsty Thursday?

Are we too old for this “tradition“?  I think this all pretty much started in the college days.  I remember discovering that the weekend started on Thursday nights when you enter the world of college instead of Friday.  If you manage to scheduled no classes on Friday morning that is, which was essential. 

Well the hubs still likes to call Thursday the above phrase…is that dumb?  It usually just means happy hour somewhere, so it’s not like we’re being irresponsible or anything.  Maybe it’s truly harmless but I wonder if we still haven’t grown up enough.  I know that having kids makes it harder to have a carefree night with nothing holding us back but our self inflicted 10:00 PM curfew, so maybe we should just live it up. 

Well right now, I’m not participating in Thirsty Thursday because I’m hoping that I’ve got a little eggie around in there trying to implant itself to we can finally have one of those elusive (to us) children.  As always I plead – fingers crossed, prayers said!

What do ya think?

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