Large and In Charge

My follicle that is…for your reading pleasure, if you do so please, my ultra sound was as uncomfortable as any BUT it came with good news.  I met with one of the other doctors at my Houston practice (I’m more and more impressed every time I deal with anyone from this office!), Dr. Beard.  She measured the lining and it looks good…Dr is smiling.  Then she moves to measuring the size of the follicles and the first one (left) – not so hot, too small.  I’m frowning.  So I’m thinking to myself “what the hell it’s going to be okay”…then she moves over to the other one (right) and she says “oh good, this one looks great.  The goal is somewhere between 15-20 mm and this one is at 19 mm, which is pretty much ideal.”  Dr. is smiling and Lindsey is sighing of relief.  Whew!  I repeat to myself the word ‘ideal’, then I’m smiling.

So now I’ve received two Rx’s.  One is Ovidrel and I have to inject (eek!) it in my abdomen this evening.  Then tomorrow evening we get back to baby making (for real this time).  Then starting Tuesday I’m to begin another gel Rx for two weeks that is supposed to provide progesterone support to increase our chances of implantation.

To be brutally honest I’m too pessimistic scared to be hopeful.  We’ve done the Clomid before (2x) and they didn’t work.  BUT the hubs was working out of town at the time, so it was hard to ensure we were maximizing our chances.  Additionally, my previous SA doctor/practice (although a very nice) was not as hands on at CWCC.  They only did blood work once and never scheduled any follow up to ensure the Clomid was working appropriately.  They did not prescribe the injection. Or the gel.  Or the follow up blood work (which I will be doing next Friday).  Dr. Beard today told me that in two weeks I’ll take a pregnancy test – duh, but I feel like more will be weighing on it since we’ve taken all these extra steps.  If this doesn’t work, then what?  😦

What do ya think?

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