Better Late Then Never

Am I right?  My husband and I moved recently from San Antonio, TX to Houston – known fact according to my profile. Our families live in Houston and Canton(north east Tejas).  That would mean that for every holiday we end up traveling.  Occasionally, family would come to us, but that was far and few between.  Well it’s calm down a bit since we now live a cool 35 minutes from my family but this Thanksgiving was spent in Canton.  That meant, while everyone else was getting their Christmas decorations up and trees put together, we still weren’t even home.  When we returned, it was back to the work grind. and we added working out into our daily mix.  Soooo short story long, we just got our Christmas tree up and lit. 

Sorry for the crummy pic quality – it’s my cell camera

Have you ever seen this before?  Gotta love the hubs wasting $4 on this one…

Instant snow in a can?

You just add water.  This is why I know hubs will make a great dad, it’s the small things.  (It actually turned out that this “snow” is what’s inside a diaper.)  There really wasn’t much to do with it (we tried the snowman…fail) and since it’s pretty wet, you can’t exactly use it as decorations…?
All this Christmas talk leads me to think about the big day (25th of course) and it’s our year to spend Christmas with the Maltz’s (my fam), we have a tradition.
1. Christmas Eve mass 
2. Dinner @ Outback after mass
3. Big sleep over at my parents and wake up and do Santa and breakfast. 
It’s usually a big breakfast and I was thinking breakfast muffins as my contribution?  As usual, thanks Gina!  I also volunteered to host Christmas dinner at our casa.  This is a first and I need to find out what my bro and SIL’s plans are as well.  If so I’d like to get a Christmas decor set for the dinning room – I thought I saw some good deals at Target but do you know of a good place? I’m starting from scratch.  Ideas are welcome.  That also leaves open ideas for what to cook too?
On a completely different subject – my Dr appointment for another ultra sound (to check where my ovaries are at) is tomorrow.  Again, fingers crossed, prayers said…

What do ya think?

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