Holy Hot Flashes!

Wowza.  I can completely understand why women struggle going through menopause and always complain about having hot flashes.  I made fun of my mom all the time, teasing her that she is on her own tropical island.  One of the side effects of Clomid is hot flashes (and bloating, emotional swings, weight gain – why am I taking this again?).  The hot flashes are crazy! 

I am one of those people that are always cold too.  I live in Texas and therefore my blood is thin and anything below 70 degrees is a bit to chilly for me.  At least twice a night I wake up sweating and throw the covers off only to be freezing 30 minutes later…ugh.  Needless to say, I haven’t been sleeping well.

Not sure if I gave you the scoop but on Saturday I had to have an ultra sound to take a look at my tubes/uterus and the system as a whole – from the inside.  The tech said my ovaries looked great.  As wonderful as that is to hear, why aren’t they working correctly then?  I have another appointment on Friday which would be where my eggs are about to pop so that they can time everything correctly for the maximum potential for success.  Prayers said. Fingers crossed.

Switching subjects….this weekend we got a LOT done.  Saturday was filled with yard work, cleaning house, decorating for Christmas, and we ended the evening at Lupe Tortilla.  Yuuuummmmyyyyyy!  I ordered the Chicken Little – grilled chicken breast was so juicy and smothered with the best, creamiest rachero sause and grilled bell peppers.  On the side there was rice, which had a bit too much pepper for my palat and refried beans that had good flavor and floor tortillas which are huge and thin and wondefully homemade!  The margaritas were great, not too sweet or syrupy.  This is my second trip to Lupe Tortilla and it won’t be my last!  It’s high on my recommendation list.

Sunday = church where I was confused.  To be honest, I haven’t been in a while but the Catholic church has changed some things up on me and if you’re Catholic you know that doesn’t happen often.  We also watched my nephews little league football team clutch the Turf Bowl for the first time.  They’ve been every year but have always come out 2nd and this year, they did it!  I’m a very proud aunt!

Wishing you a great week!

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