Conflict of Interest

So I went to my new OBGYN yesterday here in Houston.  They are super nice and the whole practice seems really professional.  My new doc, Dr. Jurney looks to be about mid thirties and 6 months pregnant and cute as can be.  Plus she said she’s been through the whole “trying to get pregnant” drama and understands perfectly.  Good vibes.

I was going for a well woman exam but I found out that I have to wait a full year (to the exact date) otherwise it won’t get paid by the insurance – stupid right?  Either way I had a consult and we talked about my issues.  She said that the Creighton Model wouldn’t hurt but that she would rather a more hands on approach since it’s been FOUR years.  She started me on Clomid and since my cycle just started I took the first one today.  This is a total conflict with the Creighton Model.  I don’t think I’m going to say anything though because I’d like to try both and see if there are any positive effects.  Hmmmm.

My goal to cook something totally new or do a craft at least once a week hasn’t been quite successful this week. Although today is Friday, I technically have until Saturday.  Maybe I should stop by the grocery store after hitting up Gina’s site and make something delish tonight. 

The hubs and I have enrolled in gym memberships finally (which challenges my above evening plans) and we are back on track for being healthy active adults.  In addition, we also solidified plans today to go skiing in February and I. Am. Stoked.  In the first year of trying I would worry about possibly getting pregnant and it ruining my plans (i.e. no booze and no skiing) but that is so over, even though I’ve never been skiing, I would give up the opportunity if it meant I would finally see that dang ‘+’ sign.

Happy weekend!

P.S. I’m completely aware there are no pictures yet..I’m working on it.

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