Slight Dilemma

Happy Thursday to me!  It’s been a busy, busy week.  Being on vacation for a week always leads to a busy return but I figured since the office was closed on Thurs/Fri for Thanksgiving it wouldn’t be so bad.  I figured wrong.

So part of the Creighton Model, that the hubs and I are trying for fertility tracking, is that we cannot have nookie.  The basis of the model is to track the female’s discharge (fun huh?) and in order to prevent confusing his and her’s stuff, they require you to abstain.  Which if you’re are in a loving relationship, is hard to do.  Plus we are going on three weeks in the module and we’ve already cheated.  Whoops.  Our practitioner isn’t a hard ass or anything but I know it’s important.  Here is where my real dilemma begins, I don’t want to miss a possible opportunity to get pregnant.  I know it’s been 4 years of trying but what if the one month we purposely avoid it, could have been the month?  I understand that it’s doubtful but what if?

So we have an appointment next week and I’m going to ask her that question and we’ll see what she says.

What would you do?

What do ya think?

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