Thanks Full!

So I’ve already had a little hiatus over the last week from my new found blogging venue but I’m back and full of action.  We spent most of our time off in Canton, TX (where you say?) with my In-laws.  Ate tooooo much food and had a good time.

So I noticed that everyone posted on everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and wherever else, of how thankful they are for the things/people/family/jobs/etc in their lives.  I wouldn’t say I participated publicly but I read every one’s and quietly to myself, thought of the things I’m grateful for as well.  So here is my public announcement 🙂

First and foremost, my husband.  Josh Allen is the greatest man.  I’ve been lucky to have wonderful men in my life that have made an impact to include: both amazing G-pa’s, my Daddy, and very dear family friend who passed away while I was in college, Todd Mennen.  The significance of the last man was that he wasn’t family and he wasn’t too much older than me.  He had me by about 12 years.  The Mennen’s lived across the street from us, and me being the neighborhood babysitter, got a few gigs from them.  Kathy and Todd were super young parents but I saw them as great role models.  High school sweet hearts that managed to have a baby at 18 and still both went to college (in separate cities at that) and hung on strong.  They married and bought a small house in our neighborhood.  As parents they were patient and understanding and as a husband and wife they were perfect.  I always noticed that Todd would help everywhere – with babies (they ended up having 3 more and a lot more babysitting requests), cooking dinner, yard work, cleaning, whatever it was, he helped.  Once he told me his philosophy was 50/50 and shortly after telling me, a magnet appeared on the fridge that said just that – “Marriage is 50/50”.  Todd was also one of those people EVERYONE liked.  Just plain nice guy.  Unfortunately for everyone in this world, he was sent Home in 2003.  When I met Josh there were so many similarities.  Not in looks or anything but they were both Aggies.  Upon our first meeting I was informed by my best friend that “Josh is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet”. Which didn’t sit well with her current beau 🙂 . And he was and continues to be.  He’s not perfect (thank goodnes) but he’s really great and I couldn’t live without him.

Second, is sort of a catch all.  My family.  Man are we far from perfect but we are pretty tight.  Sometimes when I see family dynamics that are different then mine – parents or brothers and sisters that live thousands of miles apart and only see each other once a year, or people who don’t speak to their dad or grandparents because of a family disput, it shows me how good I have it.  This is to include my super awesome aunts, uncles and cousins.  My mom has 11 bros/sisters and Dad has 5 and they’re all married and have kiddos and now the cousins are all having kiddos and believe it or not (thanks to social media) I feel very connected to them all.  All 78 of them.

Lastly, are my friends.  I’ve manage to be lucky in life and keep some really good girl friends.  Natalie dates back to girlscouts in 3rd grade.  We’ve had our ups and downs but I’m excited that we are still in each other’s lives.  Then my college trouble – are seriously my best friends.  I miss them all the time because they are in Dallas.  When we moved to San Antonio I thought I would never have friendships like that again.  They cannot be replicated but I built up some wondeful relationships in SA that didn’t replace anyone but helped fill the gaping whole that was left when we moved.  Lucky girl.

Now, hopefully next year I can say I’m thankful for God granting Josh and I our first kiddo but we’ll see what happens through 2012.  Needless to say, I thought we’d already have 2 but the fingers are crossed – as always.  Hope your holiday was blessed and wonderful.

What do ya think?

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