Holiday Madness

Today is the opening day of the Nutcracker Market here in Houston ( It is a huge event held at Reliant center and it truely “kicks off” the holiday season. All proceeds go to the Houston Ballet which I think is very cool. Vendors from all over the states come to this event, it’s supposed to be amazballs, or so I’ve heard. This will be my first year in attendance. I’m trying to decide if I want to go tonight or sometime this weekend. Also trying to decide if I want to bring the ‘ol ball and chain. Josh can be a lot of fun to shop with (as in, wants to buy everything) or a total drag. I’m not sure he would like arts and crafts but I’ve learned that there is gourmet food, drinks and custom furniture and all kinds of goodies – is this enough to entertain the husband? I haven’t made my mind up yet…

Additionally we were supposed to have friends from Dallas coming into town on Friday (I was going to get to meet my bestie’s new beau) but they cancelled becuase of work schedules, so that leaves all weekend to hit up the market…

My week has actually been quite busy this week so as of today, Thursday, I haven’t even cooked/baked anything new and I haven’t started on my turkey onsie either…time to get cracking tonight! Hobby Lobby here I come!

What do ya think?

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