Learn Something New Everyday

So last night was the introductory session to the Creighton Model Fertility Care. I learned about it from my mom who attends a church which the practitioner is a member.

More back story: Josh and I have both been tested. All the uncomfortable stuff to include specimen samples, blood work, ultra sounds, even the dreaded fallopian tubal test thingy (not fun). And guess what? We’re perfectly healthy and “normal”. Which doesn’t help with the question on why this hasn’t happened yet. At. All. And to know me, I’m on of those people who are “on the verge OCD” type. I am a control spaz and I sorta obsess (in a good way [in my opinion]) over things. Additionally, you’re told not to stress, worry, or focus too hard because then your body reacts negatively and that leads to limited success. Which my personality is built to worry, focus and stress….

So after the first year/year and a half and hearing that we are totally normal and healthy, we kinda just went with the thought processes of, “It’ll happen when it’s supposed to“, which lead to “It’s in God’s hands/plan“, and then, “Maybe I’m not supposed to be and/or good enough person to be a parent“…

Well I’m not getting any younger. We are going to have to take a bit more control or as much control that this universe allows us to have…. First step was ensuring we don’t have any obvious obstacles to over come. Second step – which is where we are now, time to focus. Make some additional effort to ensure we are doing everything we can. I’d like this step to be as natural as possible. Oh – back up a minute. We did try Clomid. Twice and that lead to nothing and Josh was working out of town – which wasn’t conducive to this approach so we quit. Which put us at last night’s session.
The instructor was really nice. We went over anatomy and physiology – not a lot of new stuff for me but Josh learned a thing or two. The actually process seems like something worth trying. I definitely heard the word mucus a time more than I wanted to, but it’s actually a huge factor in your fertility and I wasn’t fully aware of that tidbit.

We received the materials to begin and set up our first session in two weeks. So as I learn more, I’ll share more. I also found out that couples with infertility problems (the category we fit into) don’t usually fall in that 98% success rate. Of course not. That would be too easy. Ugh.

What do ya think?

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