Relaxing Weekend with a Side of Newborn Baby

So this weekend was actually quite relaxing which has been much needed since we’ve been go, go, go for the last several weeks. We’ve had a wedding in San Antonio, friends visiting, an anniversary celebration, and Halloween weekend, all in October so we were pooped.

Friday we went to Los Tios. Yum. If you live in or visit Houston I would highly recommend this be on the To Do List. It’s nothing fancy to look at. The atmosphere is bland with typical Mexican restaurant decor and a small bar. But the food is some of the best TexMex around. Trust me. We ordered margaritas at the bar. Regular house had a great flavor and a major kick. Then at dinner we started with creamy queso for an appetizer with both corn and flour tortillas, made from scratch (should be the only way they are served). Then we ordered the Tacos Al Carbon plate with chicken fajitas. The meat is smokey and delish and it wasn’t drenched in any kind of sauce which made the fajita meat stand alone, and it was great. Typical side of refried beans and rice complimented well. <– a must try.

Saturday was a day of chores and relaxing. I attempted to go shopping at the Houston Galleria ( but I couldn’t even find parking. I then went to DSW to find some riding boots but alas, came up empty handed. Frustrated and defeated I went home to watch some college football with my hunny. We ended up on the couch, relaxing all day. We watched The Lincoln Lawyer – very good and headed to bed early.

Sunday we both were up too early, forgetting about the time change. Headed out to Katy to visit my brother and the new baby!! Michael Nicholas. I love him.

And he loves me. Now my bro and SIL have zero problems with getting pregnant. Fertile Myrtle fo sho. Andre – my first nephew who is now 10, was not intentional. At 20 and 23 they were not ready. But life threw a curve ball and they went with it. Julia came next, 6 years later and more prepared. I think my SIL said they went off birth control and after two months, bam. Mikey is the new guy and it took ONE month. This is a lot to handle when you’ve been trying for 4 years but my SIL refuses to lose faith in my reproductive organs (even though sometimes I do…).

As a back story – my husband and I both have been tested (and tested again) and the doctor’s say we are perfectly healthy. So it’s sorta confusing and frustrating. This has lead me to schedule a session at a local church. They have a natural approach to infertility – I’ve been putting it off because I’m afraid it won’t work. It claims that after 6 cycles it’s 98% effective in leading to a pregnancy but what happens when I fall into the 2%? I’ll tell you, devastation.

Well wish me luck.

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